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Top 10 Benfits of using a travel agent


  1. CAN SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY Travel agents can analyze the current promotions and offer you an array of options and price quotes from a variety of travel suppliers allowing you to make the best informed decision about your travel plans.
  2. TRAVELER ADVOCATES Your best interests are their priority. If you should encounter a problem during your trip travel agents can act on your behalf to see that problems are resolved and proper restitution are made.
  3. CONVENIENT ONE STOP SHOPPING Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours, cruises and more. They can do all the time consuming work of putting all the components together of a complex itinerary.
  4. CLARIFYING THE FINE PRINT Travel agents clarify the fine print such as cancellation penalties and restrictions. The benefits of a professional’s experience can save traveler money.
  5. PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT In the event you need to cancel your vacation and you have used a travel agent then they are the only person you need to call. A travel agent can take care of everything. In addition, a travel agent can help you choose the right travel insurance package which will best fit your needs. A travel agent can also assist with submitting the paperwork required to open a claim.
  6. TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION Travel agents can help you to prepare and organize any necessary documents that you may need in order to travel outside of the country. They can direct you to your local passport office, and they know where you need a visa, as well as any other documentation that you might need along the way.
  7. CUSTOMER SERVICE Travel agents offer that “personal touch” to your travel planning experience- Offering help and advice that a website cannot provide. You will always have someone to call if you are having a problem during your trip. An online travel agency is not going to answer the phone when you call with any complications during your trip. A travel agent continues to give you that personal support even while you are away.
  8. ANTICIPATING TROUBLE AND SAVES YOU PRECIOUS TIME ON YOUR TRIP Travel agents are extremely useful if you are planning a trip to a known weather troubled area such as the hurricane plagued Caribbean islands.In the event of a natural disaster,your travel
    agent can work to immediately reschedule or cancel your trip so there are no worries for you.
    To avoid 36 hours in the airport,your travel expert can help plan your trip so your time spent getting to where you want to go is the shortest it can be.
  9. CREDENTIALS Travel agents attend all sorts of seminars and classes to prepare themselves for trip requests like yours.Travel
    agents actually work to get different accreditation to increase their qualifications as a travel expert.
    Travel agents are expert advisors and the best resource before spending hundreds or thousands
    of dollars on your “vacation of a lifetime”.Travel agents are the ultimate time and money savers who provide the best
    unbiased expert advice and provide the best values.Travel agents are always one call away and can answer the questions you don’t
    know to ask.

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